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Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

P.O. Box 2488
Brea, CA 92822-2344
phone: (888) 899-4VPI
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Founded in 1980, VPI is the oldest and largest health insurance plan for pets in the US. VPI plans cover dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical problems and conditions relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries. Optional vaccination and routine care coverage is also available.
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Reviews of VPI

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1/10   Beofe choosing VPI undertand whtat they cover, 7/12/2015

Reviewed By: Yvette Nugent, Recommend: N

Beware of their definition of "incident". My dog went into surgery to have her spleen and tumor removed. Simple surgery, out the next day. Estimate of $4,500. While in surgery they found an ulcer had perorated her intestines and she had major surgery that caused her to be in ICU for 8 days. One had nothing to do with the other. Then the results came back that the tumor was cancer so then chemo started. All three situations are considered "one episode" with a max benefit of $4,500 for a total cost of close to $25,000. But if I had the spleen removed, had them sew her back up, discharge next day, and then readmitted then that would have been considered another episode. That is cruel. So think good and hard. If you were like me I was looking for something that would help cover the extreme situations and have Bella's best interest at heart. This is not the company to choose. My last $750 bill for chemo and ultrasound I was reimbursed thirty nine cents. I am reporting them to the PA Insurance board.
Injury/Illness: cancer Ulcer   Breed: Mixed Breed dog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
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10/10   And then there was one..., 7/3/2015

Reviewed By: Sandi LoConti, Recommend: Y

Thankfully I had VPI when Lina, my pit mix was diagnosed with cancer. Her care was top notch and never questioned. The amount reimbursed was a Godsend and I will be forever grateful for their kindness when she died. I still have her sister Toto and she is doing well and I love the check-in emails and reminders of exactly what is available to me as a pet owner. Yes, there are limitations but in the scheme of devastating illnesses I was able to make a much better decision with the options I had available. Toto uses wellness but she too is getting older and I rest assured I can care for her with confidence and VPI
Injury/Illness: cancer   Breed: Terrier Mix
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
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10/10   Saved me $1,900 in 1 year, 7/3/2015

Reviewed By: Chris, Recommend: Y

My cat had to get 2 ultrasounds and multiple treatments for stomach issue. Seven claims in one year totaling $2,009.I did have to pay the vet fees upfront and then was reimbursed. Have MAJOR MEDICAL for all of my pets and the claim process was super easy. Was refunded amounts in 30 days. Only paid the $100 deductible overall. Just wrote this review out of gratitude since I was so skeptical at first. Insurance companies are notorious for fine print.
Injury/Illness: gastritis/vomiting enteritis/diarrhea renal (kidney)   Breed: Russian Blue
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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9/10   Like them, 7/2/2015

Reviewed By: Lisa, Recommend: Y

I have been a customer for 6 years and for 6 years before that. I find their customer services to be very good. Documents are easy to read and claim process simple.
Injury/Illness: ear problem   Breed: Pit Bull
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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10/10   Very pleased with VPI, 6/24/2015

Reviewed By: Debbie, Recommend: Y

Very please with their service, filing claims and customer service. We have two dogs and have certainly been pleased with the insurance and would recommend to others with pets.
Injury/Illness: not sure   Breed: Bulldog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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Most Helpful Reviews

6/10   VPI is OK --- consumers need to educate themselves,
I've had a VPI policy for about 7 years and recently had to submit a claim for the 1st time. Submitting the claim was easy and they paid within about 2 weeks. I ended up getting about $3,000 of my $6,000 vet bills back. Here are my thoughts - 1. I would have liked to get more than just 50% back from VPI. But I chose VPI and I chose a system that deals with standard and customary fees. I chose a… read more

Reviewed By: denver
9/10   Totally Satisfied,
Yes, I would recommend VPI to others and have. First, I must agree with a few of the comments regarding coverage costs. I do feel that their (VPI) customer scale by which they gauge our reimbursement for Veterinary Services could be improved and more up-to-date with current cost structures. The actual costs incurred far exceed what is allowed by VPI and with the deductable it can be frustrating on what… read more

Reviewed By: Gloria Gunderson
9/10   No major gripes with VPI,
We have our two 5 year old golden retrievers enrolled in the VPI superior plan. Jack, who we have had since a puppy, has been enrolled since about 6 months of age. Chloe has only been enrolled for the year that we have had her. Jack has had sooooo many health issues, it has been wellllll worth the money for his plan. He has chronic skin infections due to allergies (he's allergic to human dander,… read more

Reviewed By: Kelly
2/10   the problem is their UCR,
VPI uses a usual and customary fee schedule more than 8 years old. Therefore, you go to the vet, pay let's say 500 and VPI (because they use outdated information) thinks the visit SHOULD have cost 150 - they then reimburse 80% of 150 or 120.00 on your 500.00 claim. (this is a terribly generous example - the reality is much worse). Find another company that either does not use a UCR at all (pets best is… read more

Reviewed By: Ellen
7/10   definitely a yes,
I have had pets all my life. with our newest additions, a german shepherd and a kitten, I decided to give this a try. all claims have been processed promptly. Unfortunately, the biggest payoff would be with a large claim. I wish I had this for my older dogs. then we wouldn't be hesitating about some surgery our lab needs. read more

Reviewed By: Ssmith
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