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Trupanion Canada (formerly Vetinsurance)

Vetinsurance Brokers Canada
PO Box 34538
1268 Marine Drive
North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T2 phone: (800) 930-1019
claim form: (PDF)

Canadian-founded Trupanion offers pet insurance throughout Canada and the US.

Trupanion insures dogs and cats between 8 weeks and 14 years. Recently changed terms so that policies have no payout limits.
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60 days 1 year Lifetime
Rating 8.9 9.2 9.0
Count 74 750 2379
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Most Helpful Reviews of Trupanion Canada

9/10   Good Claim Response So far!, 6/30/2010

Reviewed By: Matt P., Recommend: Y

We've been with Trupanion for a little over a year with both our Yellow Lab (1 yr old) and Kitten (1 yr old). Our vet recommended them when we were getting their first checkups. We did some research and read the good reviews and decided to give it a go. We're glad we did. Our Lab had kennel cough (much to our efforts to prevent it) and the ER tests on a holiday was covered. Our Kitten recently swallowed an object and we were not prepared for the $3k+ ER visit and surgery for that, we lucked out and the surgery was not needed but the tests, etc cost several hundred. After submitting the claim request we quickly received a response that it was being reviewed then followed up communication on its progress. We promptly received our reimbursement check (minus of course our deductible and coinsurance). It's come in handy already and we're only a year in.

Only bummer is sometimes large claim files get lost in FAX neverland - although they cleared that up quickly after we resubmitted which was great.

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8/10   Pretty good for the most part, 6/28/2010

Reviewed By: Brooke, Recommend: Y

Our 1 year old Great Dane has been insured with Trupanion since she was about 6months old.
In the last few months we've been trying to figure out what was wrong with her back (she was walking funny)... after xrays, an MRI, spinal fluid testing, and more we still had no definitive answers. We were able to get all these tests done though with the help of Trupanion and knowing they would cover 90% of our claims (excluding vet exam fees). It's been a lifesaver. And they always process our claims very quickly.
The one thing that prevents me from giving them a higher rating is they do not cover holistic medicine and that seems to be the only thing that's helping her (even the neurologist said he had no clue what was wrong and a holistic vet may be the answer). Chiropractic and acupuncture have helped her walk better. I just wish Trupanion covered her visits.

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10/10   Satisfied Customer, 4/28/2010

Reviewed By: Cathy, Recommend: Y

I had never purchased pet insurance for my previous pets and have experienced some very expensive vet bills throughout 30 years of dog ownership. I was asked to consider adopting a Yellow Lab whose owner had unexpectedly passed away and I felt that pet insurance would be a good investment. I had heard about Trupanion through PETCO. I went on line and read up on numerous plans and I felt, by far, Trupanion offered the best coverage. It didn't limit amounts for certain illnesses, etc. like the other plans and it was much easier to understand. You have $20,000 of lifetime coverage, excluding routine exam, vaccinations, and other items (like pre-existing conditions) that are clearly explained. There is a waiting period before coverage will be effective, but this is also explained (5 days accident, 30 days illness). During the second month of ownership, I noticed my dog was experiencing intermittent vomiting and a dry coat. Following bloodwork to rule out any potential cause for this problem, it was determined that he had a very low thyroid level. Once he was put on medication, they needed to re-test his thyroid in a month. I submitted my claims by fax (each invoice has to be submitted as a separate claim) and I received an e-mail confirmation from Trupanion that they had received my claim. My vet's office was contacted the next day to have his medical records faxed to Trupanion. I was also contacted to see if I had any past records from the previous owner.

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Most Recent Reviews

9/10   Excellent service and follow up,
We recently submitted 2 claims, 1 for each of our dogs, they required different medical assistance and the… read more

Added 8/29/2014 by: Tracey Cadrin
2/10   good,
Only problem was the claim amount should have been sent to the clinic it was not, it was sent to me. read more

Added 8/29/2014 by: Marie
10/10   Perfect,
Quck, easy, dependable and no suprises. Trupanion tells you want they will do, does what they say they will… read more

Added 8/28/2014 by: Kris Morimoto
10/10   Great, quick response,
Our cattle dog had a common calcaneal tendon avulsion. In other words the equivalent of his achilles tendon… read more

Added 8/28/2014 by: Gideon Stocek
7/10   they would get a higher rating...,
if they would respond to my emails, or return my phone calls. Overall they eventually provide summary and what… read more

Added 8/28/2014 by: Jan
7/10   Good,
The express submittal process does need a little work - hopefully that will speed up - but I am always happy… read more

Added 8/28/2014 by: Tracy
10/10   Would highly recommend!!!,
Trupanion is by far the best choice in pet insurance. They have been professional, courteous and caring. They… read more

Added 8/26/2014 by: Justin

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