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United Pet Care

6232 N. 7th Ave., Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85014
phone: 877-872-8800
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Not insurance, but a membership program that permits members to obtain discounted services through a network of veterinarians located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Texas.

Most Helpful Reviews of United Pet Care .

1/10   Horrible, 9/12/2015

Reviewed By: Bridget Keating, Recommend: N

I paid over 1,000 in insurance fees and they never reimbursed me for 10% of a 700 emergency vet bill. It would have been 70.00. I left extremely disappointed with this company.

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2/10   Buyer Beware, 5/20/2014

Reviewed By: Anna Marie, Recommend: N

I reinstated my membership yesterday for $17, bought a one year membership $153. When I got home from the vet, I just realized I do not need the one year membership as we have to put our dog out in the very near future. So I called and talked to Wanda to get a refund, she said I can cancel the membership for $30, but will not give me any refund!! Imagine that! she wants me to pay an additional $30, and they don't have to refund me anything!! I told her I was not in my right mind yesterday and that I was an emotional wreck as I was dealing with my ailing dog. I didn't want to argue with her, so I asked to talk to someone else. After putting me on hold for a few minutes, she came back and said management is out, and that someone will call me. An hour later she called me and said she can refund me $86.74. You do the math!!! I say it is a good discount program if you take your dog to the vet several times a year, otherwise the savings is not worth it!

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2/10   Discusted with response I received, 9/11/2013

Reviewed By: Pamela Harris, Recommend: N

I have had UPC for at least 5 years or more. I've recently had to have a cat euthanized, due to chronic kidney disease. She was euthanized Aug. 29, and I called UPC Aug.30. I have always paid for this a year in advance,rather than monthly. Imagine my surprise when I heard they were refunding the months of October-December, because they had already pre-paid my vet for September!! They told me they cannot ask the vet for a refund. REALLY?? Are you kidding me? The female I talked to was Wanda & it was Wanda's chuckle when she told me, we had already paid the vet and can't ask for it back. I said really? I will surely not pay a year in advance again....IF I decide to get your service again, which I highly doubt....(My 2 remaining cats are indoor cats, and I have no need for their service.) Do they not know that information is public? Have they not heard of social media?? Don't think I didn't try FB....Wonder why they are not there!

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Most Recent Reviews

1/10   Horrible,
I paid over 1,000 in insurance fees and they never reimbursed me for 10% of a 700 emergency vet bill. It would… read more

Added 9/12/2015 by: Bridget Keating
2/10   Buyer Beware,
I reinstated my membership yesterday for $17, bought a one year membership $153. When I got home from the… read more

Added 5/20/2014 by: Anna Marie
2/10   Discusted with response I received,
I have had UPC for at least 5 years or more. I've recently had to have a cat euthanized, due to chronic kidney… read more

Added 9/11/2013 by: Pamela Harris
10/10   Great savings on pet healthcare,
I have been a member of United Pet Care on and off with 2 different dogs over the past 14 years. One of my… read more

Added 8/22/2013 by: Robert Schwartz
10/10   Massive Savings,
When I joined United Pet Care 9 years ago, my brother was drinking Kailua and left his full glass on the floor… read more

Added 8/22/2013 by: Rhonda
9/10   Pays for itself,
I have had UPC in the past and decided to get it again for my 14 year old lab. She was due for her shots, and… read more

Added 6/8/2013 by: Rose
3/10   So-Called "Policie",
Like the other review, I had my card "declined." Due to it getting stolen and shut down. At the same time I… read more

Added 1/30/2013 by: Nikole

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