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3805 West Chester Pike, suite 240
Newton Square, PA 19073
phone: (866) 467-3875

Petplan is the world's largest pet insurance provider, available in every state and the District of Columbia. Petplan policies include full coverage for all hereditary conditions with no dollar or time limits per condition.
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Reviews of PetPlan

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9/10   They actually care..., 2/9/2016

Reviewed By: Smitha, Recommend: Y

We all dread dealing with insurance companies, may they be home, auto, travel or health. But from day 1 till now, PetPlan has done an unbelievable job in customer service/support.

Our little pup is 2yrs old and recently was diagnosed with LUXATING PATELLA on both her knees. We didn't want to waste time and took her into surgery, which isn't cheap (~$5k). When it came time to file a claim, PetPlan rep. was polite and helpful throughout the entire process. Yes you still have to fill out the necessary paperwork and supply documents required but after that... the process was seamless. Now both our pup and I can relax and focus on the recovery.
Injury/Illness: LUXATING PATELLA   Breed: Mixed Breed dog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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10/10   Pet Plan is Awesome!!, 2/7/2016

Reviewed By: Ben, Recommend: Y

We rescued our Pit Bill from an abusive situation. Pet Plan made it clear what would be covered, what would not, and how long it would take for exclusions to fall off. They have consistently been easy to work with and has never denied any claim that we felt should have been paid. They have afforded us the opportunity to take of our dog without hesitation due to financial concerns.
Injury/Illness: Multiple   Breed: Pit Bull
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
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10/10   So glad I have Petplan Insurance!!!, 2/1/2016

Reviewed By: Susan Markenstein, Recommend: Y

I love my little dog Diego (well, he's 44 pounds -- not so little). When he needs medical treatment, it's upsetting enough without having to worry about how I might pay for it. He's 8 years old and I have had insurance through Petplan for the last 7 years. He's had a few things addressed over time, but recently he needed to have surgery to remove a tumor. Petplan processed the claim immediately and reimbursed for almost the full cost of the procedure. It was so upsetting, I could not have imagined having to worry about how to pay for it as well. Highly recommend to anyone with a pet.
Injury/Illness: non-cancerous tumor   Breed: Mixed Breed dog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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9/10   Thank you Petplan, 1/28/2016

Reviewed By: David, Recommend: Y

I have had Petplan for over 7 years now and have been very happy with them. They are expensive at first glance, but if you shop around, and when you compare apples to apples, their coverage is worth the upfront costs. I most recently needed to use the insurance for surgery of a torn ligament in my dogs knee. This surgery was very expensive, but was covered completely with my plan (minus the $100 deductible). Additionally, I found the customer service reps I worked with courteous and extremely helpful, in particular Justin W. He took care of me from the beginning and followed up with me like a true pro. I highly recommend Petplan.
Injury/Illness: Torn CCL   Breed: Mixed Breed dog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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10/10   Pet plan is incredible, 1/23/2016

Reviewed By: Kimberly Strosnider, Recommend: Y

I have had pet plan for 6 years and never had to use it until July of 2015 . My 8 yr old puggle was diagnosed with ketoacidosis diabetes and pancreatitis. The first claim I made was handled so quickly they reimbursed me within 2 weeks. That claim was $4500. He continued needing treatment and monitoring every 2 weeks. Then in September he developed cataracts from the diabetes and went totally blind. He had cataract surgery and could see immediately again that night. Cost of surgery and testing about $5800. 2 weeks after cataract removal he developed secondary gluacoma and back to the hospital again, could not get pressures under control and he required endolaser surgery and spent a total ofb12 days in the hospital while specialist conferred how to treat him as he was having complications. Long story but today my dog can see, play ball and his well on his way to recovery, was a very long road but one we could afford thanks to pet plan. Fortunately our policy renewed in the middle of all of this has everything with his eyes cost right around $ 19,000. We never could have afforded the best treatment for our precious Chauncey , I will forever tell people I meet if you love your pets don't go without pet insurance. The first claim paid me back more than I had paid in premiums in 6 years. I also pay for coverage for my other dog and my daughters 3 dogs. Wouldn't gonwithout it! My daughters husky also has diabetes and needs constant treatment. If you love your pets I can't say enough good things about Pet Plan! Also subsequent claims after first were handled in a weeks time incredible, better than people health insurance.
Injury/Illness: eye problem   Breed: Mixed Breed dog
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
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Most Helpful Reviews

10/10   Delivered as promised, easy, fast, polite,
$3,800 reimbursement paid in just 2 weeks from our claim submission, on a $250 Silver plan ($200 deductible), for ACL surgery (TTA) on our dog's second hind knee, which some/many (most?) other pet insurance plans won't cover if the other leg has been previously repaired. 'Nuff said? Actually, it's not, here's more: - Very helpful customer service when I called in last fall to inquire and… read more

Reviewed By: Keith Laepple, parent of a Mixed Breed
9/10   Go Pet Plan is good dog far,
September 2009 I submitted a claim for my 9 month old dog who was attacked by another dog. After submitting the claim it took them 2 wks. to add it to their system (a little slow if you ask me.) I had to call them and move it along. Their call system is decent. I had to call again and there was a delay but ultimately they paid the $550 bill. I only had a $50 deductible. I sent in another claim this month… read more

Reviewed By: Magda T., parent of a Chihuahua
8/10   Who knew our puppy would turn out to be so ill?,
Who knew that our rescue puppy "Libby" (who is so precious to us) would turn out to be such an ill little thing? In the 18 months she has blessed this earth so far, she has had Demadectic Mange, Pneumonia (twice), and recently Pancreatitus. Iíve had Petplan Insurance for about 10 years when I lived in the UK, for my dogs and it was invaluable, really! In fact itís the only insurance I use on a regular… read more

Reviewed By: Clair - A Loyal Petplan Customer
8/10   CCL surgery for our 1 1/2 year old dog,
Willie is a 2 year old lab/boxer mix. When he turned a year old, I decided to get insurance for him because I figured he would hurt himself running/chasing/and playing with other dogs since he doesn't seem to care much for his well being. PetPlan had pretty good rates for him, so I chose them. 6 months later, he tore his CCL while catching a frisbee. I was worried that PetPlan would not cover this injury… read more

Reviewed By: Rachel
10/10   Fabulous Customer Service!!!,
I can't recommend PetPlan USA enough! I am a first-time dog owner of an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Before we purchased Brooklyn, I did a lot of research on insurance companies as I had read that with toy breeds there can be congenital defects. My husband thought I was crazy to spend money on pet insurance. Well, as luck would have it, within less than a year, I was told by my vet that… read more

Reviewed By: Heidi Eckard

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