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One Quartermaster Court
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
phone: (866) 937-PETS (7387)

PetFirst insures cats and dogs of all ages and breeds, offering customizable coverage in all 50 states.

The lifetime plan includes full coverage for hereditary. chronic and congenital conditions with no per-incident limits. Optional routine coverage is available on any plan.
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Reviews of PetFirst

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8/10   Outstanding Service I am so Thankful for Petfirst, 7/18/2015

Reviewed By: Jamie, Recommend: Y

this was the fastest claim process I have had and only faxed in once. Service gets better and better. Thank you
Injury/Illness: allergies, collapse excercise intolerance   Breed: Great Dane
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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2/10   Premium Hike without Notice, 7/3/2015

Reviewed By: Theresa Johnston, Recommend: N

I've had my policy for a couple of years. Made a couple of claims one one dog with seemingly no issue. So when my policy renewed this year, I didn't think to much about it. Until I saw my bank statement and realized that when they renewed the policy they doubled my premium on my two dogs without notice. I haven't even made any claims on one of my dogs and they still hiked the premium. I should have been notified, now I feel like they are dishonest and hoping I wouldn't notice. Crooks do things like this.
Injury/Illness: not sure   Breed: Doberman
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: over 8 years
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10/10   Very pleased with PetFirst Customer Service, 6/26/2015

Reviewed By: Karen Rowland, Recommend: Y

I called to inquire about coverage for my Himalayan kitten.
I spoke with Lauren Streible and she was so nice and so very helpful. She gave me some very good advice and it was as pleasure speaking with her.
Injury/Illness: inqiring about coverage on tooth extraction and declawing   Breed: Himalayan
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: under a year
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5/10   Unfairly denied my emergency claim:(, 6/24/2015

Reviewed By: Anne Ringe, Recommend: N

My pet got out and was gone for 3 hours the day before I noticed her acting strange and hanging her head low. I took her into the emergency the next day and she was found to have a C2-3 herniated disc. She was in excruciating pain. They advised that she have surgery ASAP or she should be euthanized. It would be inhumane to keep her alive in such pain. The cost would be close to $4,000. I used all of my savings to save her life. Now she is doing great. I couldn't imaging losing her. I was divorced 2 years ago and was devastated as my ex had been cheating. Mona, my beagle, got me through the pain. I have full custody of our 2 little girls. So I am a single mom, low income, no car, with several medical problems, just scraping by. I don't understand why my claim was denied. I am so saddened by this. I am rating a 5 because the response or denial of my claim was quick. I just don't understand why I was denied.
Injury/Illness: Injury - C2-3 herniated disc   Breed: Beagle
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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9/10   Customer Service, 6/24/2015

Reviewed By: Aundrea, Recommend: Y

Just signed up for this insurance, so I can't comment yet on how it is but the customer service I had getting everything set up was great. Tori, explained everything in detail to make sure I understood what I was getting, she was pleasant and helpful. And I like the fact I can call and request her again, I don't have to speak to a different person every time I call. At the end of our call, she asked if I could do her a have a great weekend. :)
Injury/Illness: not sure   Breed: Mixed Breed dog
Claim Amount: under $100   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
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Most Helpful Reviews

10/10   The best insurance plan I've found for my clients.,
1. If you look at the ratings, the only one higher is PetPlan USA. Pet First has an excellent rating! 2. Routine care coverage is built into PetFirst. There is no routine care coverage for PetPlan. 3. Low premiums and deductibles are standard with Pet First. Rates do NOT go up with claim submission. PetPlan's monthly premium is twice as much as PetFirst. Yes, pre-existing conditions are excluded… read more

Reviewed By: Dr. Jen Emerson, Adel, Iowa
3/10   Read the Exclusions,
Based on the pretty good reviews here I was about to give PetFirst a try but thankfully read their exclusions prior to signing up. The most concerning exclusion is the second-to-last in their list and reads as follows: "Continuous coverage of chronic and long term conditions that manifest in a previous policy year". Which I understand to mean that if your pet were unlucky enough to be diagnosed with a… read more

Reviewed By: Melu
10/10   Certainly Worth the Money!,
My dog had several parasites as a puppy and it ended up costing us over 1000 dollars. Once he was better I set out to get some pet insurance for him. I read lots of reviews and decided on Pet First Insurance with Routine Care. I have had the policy for 6 months and have already gotten a lot more out of it than I have paid for it! They charge a 50 dollar deductible for illness or accident claims, but… read more

Reviewed By: Krista
10/10   A year with Brinkli...,
A year ago, I decided it was time to have my life turned upside down, so I found a wonderful golden retriever puppy, and thought, hmmm, pet insurance????? Well luckily I didn't go with my first thought,which was, do I really need pet insurance, and made the decision to go with Petfirst Healthcare. It has been one of the best ideas I have had. My wonderful golden, Brinkli, was very popular at the vet… read more

Reviewed By: ellen
8/10   Outstanding Service I am so Thankful for Petfirst,
this was the fastest claim process I have had and only faxed in once. Service gets better and better. Thank you read more

Reviewed By: Jamie, parent of a Great Dane

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