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Breeds > Dachshund > Reviews

Pet Insurance Reviews from Dachshund Owners

10/10   The best out there
I've had Embrace for 5 years now. One of my dachshunds, who is only 5 years old, just had her second major surgery due to disc disease. This company is amazing. The surgery cost 3, 800.31. I received a check for 3,013.05 ten days later. They are so prompt and friendly. Putting in a claim is supper easy too. No hassles whatsoever. When my dog had her first surgery two years ago, she needed physical therapy and Embrace even covered that. I couldn't be happier. They are truly the best company out there!
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: Surgery on two discs in neck   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Caitlin McKenna, 7/29/2014
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8/10   Quick and easy Claim Process
Trupanion has provided coverage for an ongoing skin condition for my dog. So glad we have pet insurance! The staff are helpful and friendly and cheques are sent out promptly.
Company: Trupanion   Injury/Illness: skin problem   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: under $100   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
C. Stark, 7/25/2014
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Company: Trupanion   Injury/Illness: gastritis/vomiting enteritis/diarrhea   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Cathy Nichols, 7/23/2014
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10/10   Trupanion's Lauren Littlefield is the best!
Dear Gina: I received your email address from your employee, Lauren Littlefield. I asked Lauren for her managerís email address because I wanted to write to you to tell you what a wonderful employee Lauren is and what a wonderful job Lauren is doing! I have a Dachshund named Manfred who is currently in the hospital with a large ruptured disc on his back. I spoke with Lauren numerous times last week to get preapproval for my dogís surgery which took place last Friday. I had to make sure that we could afford to save Manfredís life because we love him so much. Manfred will be 6 next month. Lauren was so wonderful, kind, understanding, sympathetic, empathetic, and quick acting in processing the details I gave her that I had to tell you about it! Lauren is worth her weight in gold, she really is. Lauren is probably the nicest stranger on the phone that I have ever spoke with in my life and I am 53 years old. Lauren was so nice to me that it made me cry because anymore you just donít expect strangers to be that nice to you. I did take the survey I was emailed but I wanted to take the time to reiterate my feelings personally to you as Laurenís manager. Lauren helped me get through one of the most difficult days Iíve ever had in my life. Itís a horrible thing not knowing if you can afford to save your beloved dog. My husband and I have had six dogs over the past 20 years and at one time or another one of the dogs has had to go to the emergency room but it
Company: Trupanion   Injury/Illness: Ruptured Disc in Back   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Leah, 7/23/2014
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10/10   Best investment we ever made
We have a high-deductible plan for our two dachshunds; we did not opt for wellness coverage or Rx coverage. It was only purchased to be a cushion for a major/catastrophic event. When one them had a sudden disc herniation that required immediate diagnostic (MRI) and treatment (surgery), we were beyond shocked and overwhelmed--he's barely 4 years old, very athletic and lean; we knew disc issues were common with dachshunds, but given his stature, we never expected a back issue for him. At any rate, it was certainly a nightmare scenario, and it required immediate decisions involving quite a bit of cost to us monetarily and risk as well, considering the surgery wasn't guaranteed to get him walking again. It's too early to tell whether he'll regain function in his back legs, although his neurologist feels certain he will, but one thing's certain: if not for Embrace, he wouldn't have gotten the surgery he needed. The MRI estimate was $2k, the surgery estimate was $4500, and that didn't include the initial consult, ER fee, etc. We needed to know, pretty much immediately, what Embrace would cover, if anything. Embrace was able to expedite our pre-certification forms for the procedures, so we knew same-day what was covered and what our responsibility would be. If we'd had to decide whether to move forward without first knowing what Embrace would reimburse, we would't have been financially able to. We are so incredibly thankful for the kindness and empathy all Embrace staff members used
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: IVDD   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Jessica, 7/22/2014
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8/10   Extremely satisfied
Very happy with service and turnaround time on payments.
Company: Trupanion   Injury/Illness: renal (kidney) uveitis/proteinuria   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Elyse Shevick, 7/18/2014
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10/10   Amazing!!!
I am new to embrace. I have had it since March and have not had a problem since. I have wellness coverage as far as sick visits. So far I had 2 wellness visits for my puppy. Embrace makes sure that my claim is submitted quickly and that the check is deposited within a couple days. There claim department is wonderful and they make sure that your needs are accommodated. They keep you updated frequently about that status of the claim! I totally recommend.
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: Wellness Claim   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: under $100   Age of Pet: under a year
Amanda, 7/15/2014
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