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Breeds > Dachshund > Reviews

Pet Insurance Reviews from Dachshund Owners

10/10   Thank You God for PetPlan
My little Belle, who is now almost 12, was fine one minute and the next minute she could not walk. Being there had not been any kind of accident I could not imagine what was wrong. I took her to the vet and he said I needed to get her to a specialist immediately and he had already made an appointment. Dr Ben Perry who specializes in Dachshunds examined her and told me she needed surgery immediately. The cost was over $4,100. Thank goodness I had Pet insurance on her. He operated within a couple of hours which made all of the difference in her recovering or not. She is now walking and running and back to herself. I called PetPlan and spoke with Amanda Sykes, who was just AWESOME. She helped me with the claim and got it processed fast!! She even calls to check and see how Belle is doing!! I would advise all pet parents to get insurance on their beloved Pets. Surgery can be thousands of dollars and you would nevr want to put your beloved Pet down becaus you could not afford the surgery. Thank you PetPlan for being there in our time of need.
Company: PetPlan   Injury/Illness: Disc in Back Herniated   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: over 8 years
Cathy Kline, 8/30/2016
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10/10   Excellent!
I have had Embrace insurance for almost five years for my dog, Forrest. This is the first time I have had to use it. I must say, I wish my insurance company was so pleasant and efficient! My claim was processed in a timely manner and Embrace kept me up to date with each and every step. I did a lot of research before purchasing Embrace and found them to be the best. It was a great decision!
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: gastritis/vomiting   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Jody Cuzzone, 8/25/2016
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9/10   Healthy Jazzi
Jazzi has been insured since 2010 and we are so happy with Embrace. Fortunately, Jazzi has been a really healthy girl so we have only used her wellness plan. It's reassuring to know that she has coverage in the event it is needed for an emergency or illness. She is a little angel after all.
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: Wellness Checkup   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: $100 - $500   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
April, 8/19/2016
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10/10   Great Prices--Great Service!
The customer service at Pet Plan is amazing! They help you choose an affordable plan that fits YOUR expectations for pet insurance. This is my 2nd year using them, and a representative helped me change my deductible and my percentage of reimbursement. They also send out informative emails and a great magazine, called FETCH. I am very pleased with Pet Plan!
Company: PetPlan   Injury/Illness: Never filed a claim   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: under $100   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Anita Armstrong, 8/9/2016
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10/10   Out Of This World Service
WOW! I must start by mentioning the name of the representative who took the time to take on my claims. Leah Leslie is her name and anyone whom lands a phone call with her is one unknowingly, lucky person. On the past weekend myself and my partner noticed out 10 month old puppy not using his hind left leg, which we grew gravely concerned about. He's a rescue and quite rambunctious if I do say so myself, so we registered for insurance just last week. What timing! However when we brought him to the emergency on Monday I was devastated to hear that we needed surgery immediately. Being a first time dog owner who lives downtown Toronto, I did not anticipate that I would need such a large amount of money at my dispose so soon, my mistake. I had called PetPlan in a panic and grew concerned as I began to receive estimates as per his surgery. I left the call in a fuss but a few moments later my phone rang and it was Leah. From that moment on she took charge of the situation, upgraded the policy as we were able to, got all the documents required to me in no time, and then even went on to personally handle the pre-approval for his surgery; which was expedited so quickly that just 5 days later, he is already in his procedure. I cannot begin to explain how big of a leader Leah is and how much stress she was able to dilute the situation of. Her service and speed is impeccable and I do hope to be privileged in having her service my family again. I recommend PetPlan to any individual who cares deeply about their fur baby, but who also cares about the quality of service they receive. Thank you Leah, and thank you PetPlan!
Company: PetPlan   Injury/Illness: Broken Leg   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: under a year
Petet Grande, 8/4/2016
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10/10   Embrace is Fair and Dependable!
Embrace continues to pay promptly and I am grateful. My Doxie Meggy (Who is my Heart) has had a few episodes of Vestibular Disease as well as gastrointestinal problems. Happy to say she is getting great care and I am grateful for the help from Embrace Pet Insurance. I felt confident about them when I signed up as they were recommended by USAA Insurance. I have recommended them to my friends also.
Company: Embrace   Injury/Illness: gastritis/vomiting Vestibular Disease   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
Eileen Reuben, 7/19/2016
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10/10   Doxie Disaster turns out Fine
My poor doxie went from well to paralyzed in just 24 hours without incident and i was facing an $8K surgery, and the hospital needed an answer right then and there. As my husband paced the floor of the clinic sweating, I said, don't worry, PetPlan covers disk disease in dogs with no prior history. I tried to look confident as I questioned this in my mind. A look of disbelief covered his face as i turned to the doctor and said, "please do the surgery now." I took home my baby a few days later and submitted the claim. I had enough to worry about as he was very slow to even stand up again, that I didn't want to have to fight over an insurance claim. I was asked to submit all of the necessary notes and not to worry. Sure enough, my claim was paid without a hassle. My doxie is now a year out of surgery and back to playing and even running. Thank you PetPlan - especially Justin Worthington - for all of your kind reassurance and information. Truly professionals!!
Company: PetPlan   Injury/Illness: IVDD   Breed: Dachshund
Claim Amount: over $1000   Age of Pet: 1 - 8
kathy maddalone, 7/14/2016
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