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New Jersey Veterinarians


New Jersey vets that have recently been reviewed by a customer:

Great vet
Scotch Plains Animal Hospital Scotch Plains, NJ
Ellen Schwartz, 3/26/2014

Very responsive to needs. more ...

find another animal hospital
Cresskill Animal Hospital Cresskill, NJ
Theresa Vallone, 3/25/2014

This past December we noticed our dogs belly was looking big. We took her to Cresskill Animal hospital were a veterinarian we had never seen before did an x-ray and some blood work. She told us all the blood work was normal, that our dog had an enlarged liver but that happens sometimes with theses breeds, and she was young and her blood work is all normal. She said nonchalantly that down the line we might consider an ultrasound because they show more than the x-rays do. I said ok let’s do it, but the Vet said well we couldn't do it today anyway. It's something that we'd have to call and schedule, always qualifying her statements with but she's young and all her blood work is normal. She presented the information like one would say German Shepherds have hip problems as they get older. Well just a couple of weeks ago the dog started vomiting on a Saturday March the 8th.We took her to the Cresskill animal hospital on Monday morning. Later that day we were called by Cresskill Animal hospital and told the dog was diabetic and too sick for them to keep overnight, because they did not have the staff to provide the care our dog needed. We were instructed to pick her up and take her to Oradell Animal Hospital. In the first five minutes we learned so much from the Veterinarian at Oradell Animal hospital; Information that we wished we had been told in December before her poor little organs began shutting down. Apparently poodle breeds do tend to get enlarged livers, but is an indicator of tumors growing on their adrenal glands, causing Cushing’s and then diabetes. After one night of our dog not responding to the treatment and just getting sicker we came to the painful decision that it would be best for our sweet little dog to put her out of her misery and put her down. When I called to talk to Cresskill about the turn of events I was told the vet was a fill in and not one of their regular employees. The office manager said the vet's note said she recommended an ultrasound. My answer to that is just because someone knows how to write a good note does not mean they are any good at patient education. If we were told enlarged livers run in that breed and it indicates tumors on the adrenals and Cushing’s disease we would have been more aggressive in treating her earlier; maybe even have prevented her death. She was only five years old. I would have preferred paying thousands of dollars in December with surgery instead on a last ditch effort now. Such a shame. We have another dog, the dead dog's mother; you can guess which animal hospital we will take her to from now on. more ...

Pet In Pain
Rutherford Animal Hospital Rutherford, NJ
Georgene DeBenedetto, 3/24/2014

My dog would yelp at any movement. I felt helpless, didn't know what to do. Visited Rutherford Animal Hospital; staff and Dr. Levine were helpful in examining Harley and resolved the issue. They did a thorough exam and reviewed previous medical history. She administered medication for inflammation and pain; gave Harley some well-needed rest/sleep; within 2 days, Harley was "himself" again; just needs to realize he's getting old (9 1/2 yrs) and can't do things as quickly as he used to. more ...

Flanders Veterinary Clinic Flanders, NJ
Mariella Plaza-Oquendo, 3/24/2014

This office is amazing!! There are three doctors in this practice and all of them are wonderful. They truly care about you and your pet. They take their time with you and explain everything to you in detail. If you have concerns or a problem, they address it immediately. Their prices are pretty good as well. Overall I love Flanders Veterinary Clinic and I always recommend them to all of my family and friends. more ...

Caring Staff!
Heritage Veterinary Hospital Delran, NJ
Diane, 3/22/2014

Always feel welcomed here. They take their time in answering all of your questions. The doctor's really care and are very personable and don't rush you out. more ...

vet no longer there
Central Animal Hospital Union, NJ
Marlene, 3/18/2014

Unfortunately, the Vet who was there, and my I say was gentile and cared for the pets, passed away almost 2 years`ago. more ...

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