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We have a total of 8 dogs in our home, allof whom are family pets and are very much part of the family. I am a runner and took four of the larger dogs (2 Rotties and teo American labs) with me to run every morning. Just as with human runners, one of the dogs needed the equivalent of an ACL repair because of a serious tear that had hobbled her. I had maintained the insurance for over a year on the recommendation of a patient who'd had a similar experience, so we were covered for $1500 of the $2500 or so total expense involved in surgery and related expenses. It made a real difference in our decision-making about this beautiful dog, who is 6 and still has a lot of good years left.
My only criticism is that the event limit on policies neds to be higher. Right now, there is no effective downward pressure on vet charges for office visits, surgery, etc., and although I don't begrudge my vet any of what I have paid, there needs to be some check on rates besides "whatever the traffic will bear." Until the insurance industry for pets becomes influential enough and covers anough pets to begin to dictate what will be paid for surgery, etc., as has happened with people ("managed care"), insurance needs to allow for generous benefits for major surgery like this. That said, I am glad to pay my premiums and I won't do without pet insurance.

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orthopedic injury
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1 - 8

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