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My Chihuahua, Zoe, had difficulty walking and was diagnosed with Luxating patella (or trick knee) which is a condition in which the kneecaps move out of their normal location. Hers was the worst at a grade 4 and she needed surgery to correct it. Without surgery it would eventually get so bad that she wouldn't be able to walk at all. The cost of the surgery was about $4,300. Considering all the exclusions that seem to hide in most insurance contracts, I had no confidence that this would be covered and was sure that they would overwhelm me with the tedius chore of hunting down lots of required documents before they turned me down. I thought I'd give it a shot anyway and prepared myself for the aggravation.
This was not the case at all. I started with filling out a pre-authorization request form, just to make sure it would be covered, before I went ahead with the surgery. Then, all I really had to do was call the veterinarians to ask them to send the info to PetPlan. When PetPlan didn't have everything they needed, they called the vets themselves. The people I dealt with at PetPlan were caring and kind.
About a week later PetPlan notified me that they would cover the cost of surgery! (well, 80% of it anyway) I was shocked and very happy that my little girl would get the help she needed. A week after her surgery, the check from PetPlan arrived.
I'm impressed with the service and turnaround time and very very glad that I decided to go with this comp

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Luxating patella
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