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We bought a policy for our 2 year old lab after two ingestions (one chocolate, one Tylenol). If anything is left out, this dog will find it. We went with the most expensive plan for ~$50/month (80/20 after $250 deductible, includes preventative care). Any renal issue within the first 6 months was considered pre-existing because of the tylenol ingestion, but we got that restriction removed after the 6 months. To do that, I simply sent an e-mail asking for it to be reviewed. No tests, they just went over his medical records for the period from the ingestion to the present. We've had three big claims since getting this insurance. Once, when he ate something someone threw over the fence and it got stuck in his intestines. One for a malignant tumor. And lastly, an arthroscopy for elbow displagia. PurinaCare has been extremely timely with processing all claims and sending us a check. I've called them a few times on the phone and their staff has been very helpful and professional. We can't recommend them enough for pet insurance, especially if you have a mischievous dog.

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Foreign object removal, Tumor removal, Elbow arthroscopy
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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