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Hi, my dog Jake a 125lb Akita who is 5 years old blew out both of his rear ACL's. Clearly an old football injury that has taken it's toll over the years ;). This whole process for Jake will be easily 6 months before he is back to normal. So for me, it's the same amount of time as well, before life is back to normal. Additionally I will see probably about $12k worth of bills from vet's and specialist. This scared the hec out of me. Luckily I am with PetPlan. They walked me through their online forms and process. I must have called them over a half dozen times and spoke with many different people. They were all very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Everything they said they did. There were no hidden agendas or any gottya's. Within 2 weeks I recieved my claim checks in the mail as promised. Even though my overall experience with Jake is a tough one, being with PetPlan has really made things administratively and financially easier. I would recommend them highly.
Thank you - Nick and Jake

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Torn ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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