Faith Restored

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This was my first time submitting a claim with a pet insurance company.
My then-11 month old Bullmastiff, George, developed dysplasia in both elbows which required surgery.

Embrace didnt have all the facts initially and denied the claim citing pre-existing conditions.

My wife and I continued to provide documentation supporting our case including a letter from our Vet who explained in detail that his condition couldnt have been pre-existing.

We did have to go through some frustrating and anxious months of repeated denials and appeals, but finally we received the news we had hoped for and Embrace approved the claim!

We've all heard of horror stories in dealing with insurance companies - pet and otherwise - in denying rightful claims. My faith in insurance companies "doing the right thing" was restored and I'm very happy and thankful to say Embrace turned out to be one of the "good guys."

Our family is very happy we chose Embrace and will continue to do so for all our future pets.

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elbow dysplasia
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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