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Ive complained a few times to Pet's Best about little things here and there, but they were always in the contract. When my dog Howie an at the time 9-year old miniature poodle, dislocated his hip, they really came through. Howie was traumatized hind quarters,and when I took him to the vet in Bloomington, IN where I was living and teaching, the vet told me he had probably been hit by a a car because of the different sizes of his legs and the bones probably never set properly when I fond him in Kentucky. He had such bad hair, ear mites and required being put under anesthesia to bee-bees in his hind quarters. I insured him at about the age of six with Pet's Best,and when that predicted moment came when he dislocated his hip, Pet's Best was there, ready to pay or doctor and us. While they area busines,,and business is what makes this country moves, they have always addressed me with care and kindness... and they paid the 80% of Howie's fee that they said they would and even waived the deductible. This saved our wedding plans: we had the lowest insurance they offer (plus their excellentannual care program--which includes teeth cleaning-that I just can't thank them enoug for the work they do every day helping people. This is a company hat does wel as it does good. This was the crucial moment, and they were there.

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dislocated hp
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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