VPI Is for Your Pet's and Family's Well-Being

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My pal Jackson (now a 2.5-year-old longhair black-and-tan dachshund) is the first pet I've ever insured. I've owned a dachshund previously and know they're highly susceptible to vertebrate injury and ailment, so I thought it would be a wise precautionary step/investment. However, I didn't expect the benefits to begin so quickly and be so simpleton manage. After Jackson experienced a recent bout of bowel obstruction and encephalitis, I decided to file my first claim. The process was very straightforward and the claim check swift to mail. There's a huge sense of comfort knowing that VPI protects both Jackson and, by extension, my entire family. I would (and do) definitely recommend VPI regularly and often to friends and colleagues. After all, pets are family members, and you wouldn't not cover any other member of your family (if able), would you?

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gastric obstruction/encephalitis
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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