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After witnessing close friends go through major medical issues with their pets, I always knew I would get pet insurance if/when I got a dog/cat... Upon getting Otis, my American Bulldog - I started shopping around for pet insurance. I expected to pay for vaccinations and normal dog owner expenses. But I wanted to make sure Otis and I were covered if anything (god forbid) should happen. VPI was the easiest site to navigate and I thought their options were great. I read through all policy options carefully, and opted to go with the Major Medical Coverage. It's a low monthly payment for enormous peace of mind! - When Otis was 8 months old, he swallowed a small dogs chew toy and had to have emergency surgery to remove the foreign body. Otis would have died a slow and painful death without the surgery. I was devastated! I did not have 3+grand laying around in savings, to afford the surgery. Thankfully we knew that VPI would cover the surgery minus our deductible. We were able to put the upfront cost of the surgery on our credit card. We got back every penny that we expected to get back, from VPI (as per our policy agreement). The claim was easy to file and the processing time was exactly how long we were told it would be. RE: Major Medical Coverage - I am very happy with VPI and have referred many friends & pet owners to their site.

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Emergency Surgery
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Over $1000

American Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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