Don't like it when I know more than the Doc.

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I have two dogs, one is old and the other is a few years of age. I pay about 50.$ a month for them on the wellness plan. They rotate the staff around from store to store so you never know who you will get. The doctors are just (rude) and insesitive. One of four ive seen there was convinced my older had a heart problem wanting to charge (alot) of money to find out (not covered). Of course, I knew this wasn't the problem and then instead of hearing out the symptoms just argued she was right. Anouther told us our dog will die of some bug iv'e never hear of if we didn't pay for the shot (LMAO) right. I can tell that the only thing these people are interested in is up sale. Banfield needs to train its people to act as if they care about the animal not the money. They also need to hire people who know what they are doing. So far all the good people that worked at my local on have left. I think the idea of it right on but the pratice of it isn't. An update on the heart condition. It's been three years and no condition. Just a caugh, a few pills and my oldest was all good.. In short-rude doctors, desensitized people, and motivated to up sale all day long.

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