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I like many others wasn't sure if I wanted to purchase pet insurance. I kept asking myself if it was a good investment or should I just start putting away $50 month for the "just in case fund". Lexi was 12 weeks old when she had her first seizure. At 14 weeks she had an MRI to determine what caused the seizure. I'll never forget the call from the vet informing me that Lexi had a severe case of Hydrocephelus and asked that I come in to discuss treatment. The odds of Lexi making her first birthday were slim to none but because of the exceptional care and insurance coverage from Trupanion we have been able to find the right mix of medication while giving Lexi the quality of life she deserves. We celebrated Lexi's first birthday in August! Over the past year Trupanion has never questioned a claim and has responded promptly on each claim submitted. Did I mention that Lexi's medical care has cost over $8,000 in the past year?So if any of you are asking yourself if pet insurance is worth the investment just remember my story. I brought home a healthy 8 week old puppy who passed her first vet check. The $50/month I pay to Trupanion has paid off in so more ways than I could have imagined. Thank you Trupanion, thank you for allowing me to take care of Lexi when she needed me while knowing you were taking care of everything else!
I also think it's important to share with everyone that when Lexi's insurance plan was up for renewal this month her premiums only went up by less

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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