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I "ended up" with Meeka after an ex-boyfriend was going to give her away. At first I was not pleased, but now I wouldn't give her up for the world!Once Meeka was mine, I decided to get her insurance. After extensive research, I decided on PetPlan because of their customer ratings. And boy I'm glad I did! About a year after having her, she started limping badly. A vet diagnosed a torn ligiment and suggested a nearly $3000 TPLO knee surgery. Filing the claim was slightly difficult because I lacked medical records for her. But they worked with me and gave me ample time to supply the documents I could get a hold of and quickly sent out a check, which paid off the credit card most of the surgery went on.
Nearly a year later, more limping! Another vet trip determined the OTHER knee was bad! Claim number two only required one sheet of paper that the vet had to fill out. Very easy and a check in the mail in appropriate time.
Very pleased with the security I get from knowing she's insured if anything terrible happens.

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Knee problems
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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