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Bert and Ernie are Basset hounds. They started out very healthy. Bert was leaving the vet and they noticed he was walking "pigen-toed" on the hind legs. We went to a nuerologist and they have given him blood cultures, urine cultures that all came back negative and MRI to try find out why he is getting weeker and painful to walk. We still do not know what is wrong, he is on pain meds and anitflamatory meds. The doctors are very puzzeled. The MRI showed nothing wrong with his spine or spinal cord. They are thinking some form of arthritus. If you have a young puppy with these symptoms and can help with advice, please write to PetPlan for Bert. He is only 7 months old and we have been treating him for 1 month with pain meds with no results.

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maybe arthritus
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