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I have been with VPI for 5 years now, luckily we had not had to make any claims until this year when our dog suffered an ACL failure & had to have surgery. The cost of the surgery, care & then follow up visits has totaled $6K+, After submitting all the invoices VPI have compensated me roughly a quarter of this amount. As an example Anesthesia, charges are pretty universal for this, I submitted $400, I am eligible for $125 under my policy, they paid $112.50. What i have difficulty understanding is why the coverage for Anesthesia is so low to start with, its like they are using late 1980's pricing guides! I sat down & calculated out how much i've paid them in monthly amounts over 5 yrs Vs the amount paid out after the issue & its currently a wash, Yes, they turn the claim around very quickly which is good its just disappointing that its never even close to the submitted amount. I would have been better off putting the monthly money in an account set up for the dog... Does any company offer a straightforward pet insurance plan that actually covers realistically at todays vet prices??

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