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Healthy Paws is the most professional company I delt with this year. I called every single pet insurance and really did my homework compairing rates, servcies and benifits. I also read the reviews. I was a bit concerned that the reviewes were too positive and now I am writing a glowing review just becouse this company is amazing!Our dog Maggie had to have surgery on both of her knees (both ASLs are 90% torn similar to a human ski injury). Healthy paws covered both surgeries, x rays, meds, vistis, etc 90% of all costs exactly as they advertise and no funny busienss with paper work. We scanned the receipts and received reimursment checks within few days. The folks at Healthy paws really care about animals and pet parents, they are knowlegeble, kind and professional.
If you want the best pet insurance for your dog or a cat Healthy paws is the best choice with lowest premium and best benifit coverage. This is a pet version of royal PPO! All my friends with pets are getting this new insuance.

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Both legs got torn ASL (ligaments in the knee that prevent the dog from ever walking well if not treated)
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 09/12/2011

I wrote a review, but this review covers key points that I totally agree with and sums up the fact that the courage is low cost and overs 90% of all costs exactly as they promised. Further more my husband's employer has the status of one of the best places to work based on benefits, pay, insurance etc, and our PPO is not as extensive as our dog's Healthy Paws Policy..