Allergy testing and shots for cat

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It has taken me several vet visits and now a specialist to find out what is wrong with my young male cat, as he has scabby, oozing sores all over his body, he's highly stressed from being so itchy and licks constantly. He's really suffering and of course it makes us feel bad to see him suffer. I worried that PetPlan wouldn't cover Allergy Testing and shots--as the cost is almost $1,000.00. Fortunatley, no troubles, they reimbursed me so far for the testing, and I can only assume that his shots will be covered as well. I would like them to send an ITEMIZED EOB when they send a check or denial letter, which would make it more clear. And, I have had to fight a couple of claims but they did comply after I offered undeniable info. Although one claim they said they were going to put back through, but they never did--and I let it go since it was only a few dollars. But so far, they've done a pretty good job for both my cats--otherwise my 2 kitties would have cost me many of thousands of dollars directly out of pocket! Now I don't have to make a choice--I just get them the care they need. Thanks PetPlan. Keep up the good work.

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Skin problem

Behavioral issues, anxiety
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Over $1000

Russian Blue

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1 - 8

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