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Three weeks ago my wonderful Havanese, Havey, suddenly seemed criticially ill. Havey is an 11 year old Therapy dog and has brought much happiness and joy to others. I immediately brought him to the animal hospital and after x-rays, blood work and ultrasound it was discovered that he had a ruptured gall bladder. A ruptured gall bladder is life threatening;bile was pouring into his system. Emergency surgery was done to remove his gall bladder and part of his liver and to clean out the area since he had peritonitis.
The surgeon told me that this was one of the most dangerous types of surgery since 30 to 50 percent of dogs die from complications in the first week after surgery.
Therefore I wanted to make sure Havey had the best care available to optimize his odds.
Havey remained in CCU [intensive care] for 5 days after surgery hooked up to various medications and nourishment and had a stomach drain tube and bag. He had constant round the clock care.I actually was afraid to know what the cost of his care was.
I am so thankful to Healthy Paws. Having one of their top of the line plans took away the financial stress. My invoice amount was $5596.62. Havey's surgery was less than 3 weeks ago and I have already received a check for $4781.66 from them. It seemed to take them onlyabout a week after receiving my claim to process the reimbursement. They have also called a few times to ask how Havey is. They provided me not only with their quick and generous reimbu

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gall bladder rupture
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Posted: 08/27/2011

Am glad that Harvey had this insurance. My question, not only for Healthy Paws, but, basically for any other pet insurance company, or pet owner with health insurance is how do you "Pay the Vets Bill" in the meantime? I would have trouble coming up with that much money....even knowing that I would be getting a percentage back. Even a deductible could be a problem (unless that is subtracted out from the remimbursement)?

Posted: 09/07/2011

Doodle...You raise a good question about our claims payment process. For most claims we reimburse our policyholders after they submit a claim form with their invoice. We process and pay claims very quickly....usually less than 10 days from the time we receive all of the required information. In certain situations involving large claims, it is possible to submit the claim to us for approval prior to the treatment and in these cases Healthy Paws can pay the vet hospital directly at the time the service is rendered which is greatly appreciated by our pet parents.