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Before adopting a new companion, we went through the medical expense records of our last pet George. We realized that we had spent over $5000 on him his last 2 years of life due to an issue with the nerves in his lower spine. He had a tendency to rush up to other dogs to say "Hi!" only to be bitten by the other dog (several times). While we don't expect the same type of issues with our new companion, we decided it would be best to get insurance for him just in case. Recently our dog, "Buddy", was not eating and had become extremely lethargic. We needed to take him in to the vet. Such a relief to know that he is covered and finances don't enter into the equation. Buddy had to have x-rays and blood work done. We keep the pet insurance forms at our vets office and they send the paperwork into Healthy Paws. Buddy was at the vet on a Monday and Healthy Paws had a reimbursement check to us by Thursday. Healthy Paws always follows up with an email to make sure that our fuzzy friend is feeling better. They also support pet shelters and animal rescue groups which is a real plus ++ for us since that's where our best friends come from. The level of service they provide is far and above anything I receive from my (human) family's insurance plan. I would recommend Healthy Paws to anyone who cares about their fuzzy friends.

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bacterial infection
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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