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This is not regarding a claim - I had to select the field that I filed a claim in order for the website to accept my review. :/
This review is regarding the policy renewal notice and that the policy increased $90. My dog is only 3 1/2 and I have never filed a claim.
I called them to find out why the rate went up so much and they told me it's because my dog is now a year older (???!!!!), veterinary costs in California have increased and their rates for mixed breeds have increased.
I told the customer service rep that I have never filed a claim and also it would have been nice if they had provided an explanation of this to me and that I would be shopping around with other pet insurance companies. He didn't even seem to care.
I will not be renewing my policy with Petplan.

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never filed a claim
Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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Posted: 01/30/2013

The same exact thing happened to me the first year my policy came up for renewal, my premium shot up. I too have yet to file a single claim with them, my cat is healthy. They told me it was because she got older (1 year) and vet costs increased in my area. I think they lure new customers in with attractive rates, then stick it to them when it's time to renew because they know it's a hassle to find new insurance, especially with an older pet.