VPI is AWESOME...I've used them for years...

Out of 10

I recently posted the following comment on Cesar Milan's website regarding Pet Health Insurance 101:I have VPI Pet Insurance for my German Shepherds and have for years. They are awesome! I wouldn't have a dog today without it! It has benefited in the thousands for two of my shepherds, accident at the beach on vacation (torn ACL), then he tore the other one 3 years later...then the aging of one of my shepherds caused neurological studies at a specialist in Vegas, she couldn't walk anymore and now has been leading a good quality life for the past few years thanks to VPI's help..her bill was also in the thousands..We paid too but not nearly as much as we would have without VPI! Highly recommend! I just got a new GSD puppy 2 years ago and he is on one of their superior plans just illness/accident now that he is past his first year...cost is approx. $30/mo & they now offer $100 deductible for the entire year instead of $50/per incident! Again, highly recommend!

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hip/leg injury
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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