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My 3 year old dog Scooby had a black growth on her gums on her lower jaw which was covering up 3 of her teeth. I took her to my vet who told me that the growth looked like a condition called Epilus which has three types. 2 are benign and 1 is precancerous which usually invades and degenerates the jaw bone. Our first course of action was to surgically remove the growth, send it in for pathology and take an X-ray of her jaw. This procedure cost us 986.68. We submitted our claim to Healthy Paws the same day as the surgery and immediately got an e-mail requesting the records from our veterinarian. it took them a few days to get Healthy paws the records but once they received them they processed our claim within a few days and sent out a check reimbursing us the following day paying 90% of her surgery. We have a $100 a year deductible which was applied to this claim so we received a check for $712.03. Unfortunately our story does not end there. The x-rays and pathology came back that Scooby did have the pre cancerous Epilus so we were referred to a specialist for yet another surgery. This time they had to do a CT scan on Scooby and remove 3 of her teeth and a section of her jaw bone to stop the spreading of the disease and the degeneration of her bone. She spent one night in the hospital and came home with pain meds, antibiotics and anti inflammatories. This surgery and all the medications cost $4,354.90. The veterinary specialist submitted all the paperwork to Healthy paws along

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