Petplan saved my Gracie's life

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After my Boxer Rella had to be put down due to a long and expensive illness, uninsured, I bought a year of insurance for my cat Gracie, her sidekick. Gracie has been very healthy for 5 years and I hadn't needed to claim anything but I was really tapped out emotionally and financially from taking care of Rella and I really needed the peace of mind. With no claims, Gracie's policy expired after a year and I was too busy to renew it. Then, I lost my job and still, I hesitated to renew the insurance. After moving to a new place, Gracie was almost killed by two dogs but she trapped herself inside some boards, escaping with a minor scratch under the eye. That day I used my credit card and bought another policy and some peace of mind. Here we are now 6 months later and Gracie has developed severe constipation because of our lifestyle change. I have now incurred over $1000 of vet bills for anesthesia and followup enemas. If I didnt have the insurance, I would have been forced to put her down. Petplan sent me my first check for $630 last week and I was able to pay my credit card down, and i'm waiting for more checks coming soon. Customer service was absolutely wonderful and when I wanted to change vets for a second opinion to avoid surgery I called them, and they said go ahead, there was no hassle and they did not make me wait or get any approvals to change vets and with her constipation each and every day was valuable. THANK YOU Petplan, you saved my baby's life and you saved me from

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

American Curl

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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