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We have had VPI on our other dog and when we got our next dog, Charlie, we wanted to try a different insurance company, as we haven't been very happy with VPI. We love Petplan and are amazed at the speed of the claims process. They pay what the vet visit costs (minus deductible and coinsurance), not what they deem appropriate to pay. For instance, Charlie got into antifreeze last summer. The vet bill came to over $1300.00 (he made a full recovery thankfully!) Petplan reimbursed us almost $1000.00, minus our 20% coinsurance and $200 deductible. Had we had Charlie on VPI, which was our old insurance, we would have only been reimbursed $260. What a huge difference! They also cover all major medical issues including hereditary issues. VPI denied us several times for issues they consider hereditary to the breed, which they consider a lot to be.
Just last month, Charlie was diagnosed with some cancerous tumors. Because he requires constant checkups to make sure no spreading of the cancer is going on, we have to do expensive x-rays and ultrasounds a few times a year. Petplan covers these minus our coinsurance once our deductible is met. This has been such a wonderful thing to have, as it truly gives us the means to take the best care of him and not have to skimp on his medical care due to expensive costs.

We couldn't be happier with Petplan and will insure all of our future pets with them.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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