!!!BEWARE- They Bundle Multiple Illnesses into 1!

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!!!!!!!!BEWARE if your pet has 2 or more separate illnesses at once or close together w/ Pets Best because they count that as ONE incident & it all counts toward the payout limit!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously- what's the point of insurance if your pet can only be sick w/ 1 thing at a time or isn't allowed to have a possible complication from treatment or illness?!
My cat was misdiagnosed w/ Asthma then diagnosed w/ diabetes 3 months later & then got a kidney infection 7 months later & they counted it all under 1 incident! Hello?? When is asthma & diabetes & a kidney infection the same condition at all, much less MONTHS APART?? ? My veterinarian at UC Davis (who literally wrote the manuals colleges use to educate vets...Yes Pets Evil- you know who it is!!) hit the roof when I told him!! Their lumping these conditions into one have made me over my $7000 limit. I'm currently appealing the ridiculous decision & I have done research & found that TRUPANION HAS NO LIMITS WHATSOEVER ON THE LIFETIME OF YOUR PET!!! My monthly quote was only a few dollars more than Pets Best but it gave me 90% coverage compared to Pets Best 80% plus NO LIMITS!
Anyways, here's the clauses in each contract:

PETS BEST-- "Multiple diagnoses may be considered one incident, especially if occurred on or about the same time as: the original incident or claim; a complication of original incident; or presented for multiple medical conditions". $2500/$7000 or $42,500 per incident limit depending on plan.


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multiple illnesses
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/25/2011

Hi there, we hope your cat is doing well. Pets Best Insurance plans have per-incident deductibles and per-incident maximum benefits, and it sounds like in your case, all three of your cat’s visits to the vet were related to the diabetes diagnosis, considering the asthma diagnosis was an error. Also, it is quite common for diabetes to cause kidney infections in cats. The benefit to per-incident deductibles is that you only have to meet the deductible once per issue, even if treatment and follow-up visits span multiple months or policy years.
While some companies may offer higher reimbursement percentage, they often require full medical records upon enrollment or when filing a claim, they may require you to spay or neuter your pet in order to receive full benefits, and they may exclude things Pets Best Insurance covers like exam fees and alternative therapy. By carefully considering the differences in plans, pet owners can be sure to find the coverage that best suits their pets and their budgets.