9 years of a happy relationship with VPI

Out of 10

When we brought our first dog into our home I had just heard about VPI and at that time it was one of only 2 companies on the market covering pets. We signed up Mitzi our first Miniature Schnauzer right away and at 8 months old she had her first seizure. That first event was 500.00 plus and we couldn't believe it. But VPI processed and got us our refund in 2 weeks. As it turned out Mitzi would have issues for the next 7 years with many health issues involving her bladder, kidney and liver. When she was 1 year old we brought Brenna into our family. Also a miniature Schnauzer, she and Mitzi bonded immediatly. Brenna also went on VPI right away. Over the 7 years Mitzi had problems and all of the regular shots and records we were always very pleased with VPI; we spent the extra money to get the best coverage and it has payed us back with security, peace of mind and it kept our bank account from going dry. At 8 years old Mitzi's Liver and Kidney's just couldn't give anymore, so after great agonizing we spent one last night with our little girl and then we had to put her down. I didn't want to but it was the best for her. VPI handled those final bills with respect and offered their deepest condolences. I had to call a couple of times after that about Brenna and in the month after Mitzi's passing we recieved a condolence card from VPI. I always recommend VPI to friends who get new pets and if they aren't sure I try to talk them into it because it has been such a usefull be

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Ear Problem

Skin problem



Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Miniature Schnauzer

Age of Pet
Under a year

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