Beware of Banfield

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First, I understood when I signed the contract that it was binding. However, what contract remains binding when the services promised are not fulfilled? When it takes complaints of a month to finally receive test results promised in 3-5 days?? Also, Banfield inflates their prices then claims you have saved "thousands". Another interesting note: When I called to complain over the lack of service and to see what the cancellation fee would be, I was urged to try another Banfield because although it would be over 700 bucks to cancel my contracts, I had over 600 dollars worth of services to use. Does that make any sense?????

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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 05/17/2012

And then, when you use your plan all the way and cancel it, they will still charge you next month and then would not refund because they claim that your pet was covered durring that time and no, you will not speak to the suppervisor or manager. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THAT "INSURANCE"