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We collectively have three dogs and one cat on this plan, all rescued from shelters. Labrador mix, 3 yr old Little LuLu, has hip dysplasia issues; Terrier mix, 3 year old Mini MiMi, eats everything and anything, even if it would be disastrous. . . but hasn't had a gastrointestinal problem yet thank goodness; Chihuahua/Schnauzer mix, 3 mo old Mighty Molly, is a newly acquired puppy and brand new on PetPlan; American Shorthair, 11 yr old Sugar n' Spice, has hyperthyroidism that would have been costly to us without PetPlan, LuLu's hip dysplasia sugeries as well. PetPlan has eased our bills and worries by far reaches.

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hip dysplasia
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Labrador Mix

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