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Having boxers leaves no room for argument when it comes to pet insurance. As much as I adore the breed, I have to agree they are a troubled one. We had a different plan with our last boxer, and while it certainly helped reimburse some of the thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of his short lifespan, we only ever got back about 50% of the expenses (while the company boasts "up to 90% coverage"- we never saw it). Still, it was better than getting nothing at all back. So when it came to getting a new puppy, the first thing I did was ask around for a new insurance company for our bouncing baby boxer girl. PetPlan came recommended by other boxer owners, so I gave it a look. Two things immediately got my attention. For starters, I LOVE that you can customize your plan to suit your needs. Secondly, (and this stood out the most from the other insurance company)- NO INCIDENT LIMITATIONS! Our other plan only ever covered a set amount per illness/injury/test- well, I think it's time they re-assess the outstanding costs of veterinary care because their coverage amounts are brutal. Last year we spent $1700 on an MRI alone for our boxer boy who was ill, and while the insurance "covered" MRI's, they gave us less than half back! I was shocked. So not having limitations is a huge relief with PetPlan. Sadly, our baby girl has already had to become well acquainted with her veterinarian (for illness, not vaccine related)... and I was happy that with PetPlan there were

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