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Everyone remembers the day that they first met the dog who was destined to become part of their family. We watch them come into their own and become comfortable in our homes as they learn to become part of the pack. We have had several West Highland White Terriers in our lives, and this is Mattie’s story. Mattie came to us after my husband found a re-homing posting on Craig’s list. She was Snowy in her first home, and they wanted the 9 month old puppy out of the house by the weekend since they were going on vacation. I was out of town and trusted my husband and our 15 year old Westie, Jessie, to make the decision about adding this pup to our household. She passed the test and was welcomed into pack.
I often referred to Mattie as my Mini-Westie because she was the smallest Westie I ever met, weighing in at only 12.5 lbs. She matured into a sweet active little girl and was healthy – for 3 ½ years. Then our veterinary odyssey to get her well began.
Mattie’s health declined after she had surgery on both of her hind knees for luxating patella. The active little free spirit that was Mattie was gone as she spent her day on her sofa only getting up to go out for brief potty breaks. She stopped eating and had to be force fed by spoon. Her weight went down to 9 ½ lbs and we were not sure if she would survive. We went through a lot of testing by internists and a holistic vet. A diagnosis of irritable bowel disease (IBD) and treatments brought some relief, but not t

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