Embrace is Excellent!!!

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Embrace insurance is definitely worth the price. I purchased a basic annual plan from Embrace for $500, which covered my 10 month old puppy for only accidents and sickness.
Just three weeks later, I was informed my puppy had Entropion. She received corrective surgery just days later. I submitted my claim to Embrace and received an email, directly from the Embrace representative assigned to process my claim, who provided me with the status of my claim. In just two weeks, Embrace completed my claim and deposited my 80% reimbursement directly into my bank account.

Just a few months later, my dog was seriously injured by a car. Her injuries required emergency care, an MRI, CAT scan, several specialists, and medical follow-ups.

I again went through the claim process, outlined above, without hassle. In fact, the Embrace representative handling my claim even took the initiative to inform me of the variety of physical therapy options that were covered by my insurance plan (including acupuncture).

Needless to say as a first year policy holder I managed to rack up quite a large reimbursement bill for Embrace, roughly $10,000 in total. So I sure that that either I would be dropped or my annual premium would be substantially raised the following year. To my surprise, Embrace offered me a renewal for the exact price I had paid the previous year. Needless to say, Embrace has vastly exceeded my expectations.

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Eye problem

hit by car
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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