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Our 8 year old black tabby, Gizmo started having bladder problems the weekend before the 4th of July, so we took him to the hospital. They admitted him and told us that blockages are very common in male cats, and he should be better within a few days. A week later, he was still in the hospital, and was getting worse. His bladder ruptured and he needed emergency surgery. The doctors weren't sure if they would be able to save him, but thank God, they were able to! They had to remove 20% of his bladder, and also his penis (poor guy!), but he is now fully recovered and has healed very nicely. There is no way in the world we would have been able to afford the over $5,000 vet bill, we simply would have had to put him down. We are so grateful that we decided to invest in pet insurance. It gave us the peace of mind that we needed during a very emotionally difficult time. Thank you, PetPlan!

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