I have been please with VPI over past 9 years

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We started using VPI when my dog was almost a year old. If I had to do it again, I would of done right away because he already had skin allergies and some issues that we could of saved with. I enrolled my dog in the Superior plan at the time with routine and cancer coverage. Although our premiums started a lot lower than currently paying, I do wish the rates would not h ave increased due to the dogs age. Our dog has had several minor or curable health issues so I did try to not use it for everything so I could keep the premiums down. However when I found out the lump on my dog was a MCT tumor, I was happy that I had enrolled him in the cancer coverage. He ended up having another MCT tumor 3 years after the first and each time I called customer service, I was happy with their service. They even advised me to turn in the histiopathology report indicating the results so it would kick the cancer rider in and cover more for us if needed. Both times approx 75% of the cost were reimbursed to me. I recently put in a claim due to a spleen tumor that he had and resulted in a splenectomy and several follow up visits. I contacted customer service again and they were exceptional. I wasn't sure what I could submit everything as he had to be put on several pain meds, had laser therapy to help with swelling and complications from his incision and was told to submit everything and they would handle and figure out the rest. Our vet bills totaled $1333.00 and was shocked when the re

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spleen mass - splenectory and tumor removed
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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