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My husband and I have two standard poodles, now ages five and six. Until last October, neither of our dogs had any major problems. But at the end of last October our youngest dog, Quentin, came down with an auto-immune disease that made his blood platelets drop to dangerously low levels. This disease is very costly to treat because of the frequent requisite blood tests, but we were able to handle it because of our coverage with VPI. A month ago our other dog, Leon, also came down with an auto-immune disease. This one is less serious, thus less expensive to treat, but there have been significant costs involved. Then, to top things off, about a month ago a large tumor appeared on Quentin's leg. After doing a needle biopsy, our vet suspected cancer and advised us to have her remove the tumor immediately. The cost of that procedure alone was almost $700. Luckily, the tumor turned out to be benign. Our VPI insurance has been a life-saver during the past nine months. VPI has processed our claims quickly and paid quickly. And since we changed to the major medical policy a couple of years ago, we are very pleased with the amount of reimbursement. If only our personal health insurance was this good! Thank you VPI for taking care of our canine family members. We'd be lost without you.

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Both dogs have auto-immune diseases
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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