One month of doggie medical drama!

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We have two labs, Wrigley, who is a 4 year old yellow lab, and Tiger, who is a 9 month old black lab. We signed up for Pet Plan after Wrigley tore his ACL last year and we paid $3,000 for surgery. We also signed Tiger up for Pet Plan as soon as we brought him home at 8 weeks old...we never wanted to have to make the choice between giving our pets the best care or keeping our savings account intact. Well, Pet Plan was put to good use this summer...Tiger was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia the first month in June. Fortunately at this point he doesn't need surgery but it's so great to know that if he does, the $6-7,000 surgeries will be covered! Two weeks later we were out enjoying a swim at the lake when I noticed some fishing line hanging out of Wrigley's mouth and I just knew that there's no way he would have eaten it if there wasn't something juicy on the end! So we took him straight to the emergency vet where they took radiographs and saw the hook in his stomach. We were fortunate to bring him in right away because they could remove it via endoscopy...if we would have waited it would have moved to his intestines where it could have punctured an intestinal wall and caused major infection requiring surgery! Without Pet Plan I'm not sure if we would have taken him in immediately or not, it's just so great to know that we can get them the care they need without worrying about the bills! So after a few stressful weeks we're all back to normal (other than a small case of

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swallowed fish hook
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