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I have had VPI since my pugs were puppies and one of my pugs developed a type of encephalitis called GME. I spent about 3,000.00 on vet bills, and just received over half back. At first I was upset as they said that they would not pay anything, that I needed more documenntation. But when I had full records faxed over from the vet I quickly got a refund check. Now that I think about it, to refund such a large amount all documentation would be needed. Also, about a year ago my same pug had to have major dental surgery costing close to 1000.00 and got almost half back. My other pug I had switched to Trupanion, thinking that they might be a better company, but then got zero back from them. I knew this going in, that Trupanion does not pay for wellness type care, but was really wishing I had kept him on VPI insurance. I have the full superior plan with wellness care on the one pug and it has certainly been worth it. I tried to switch back the other pug, but now he is too old to get good coverage as he he 10 years old. I would recommend VPI to all of my friends!

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brain, encephalitis (GME)
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