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We signed up our ten-week-old pup Cleo for a free Petsecure trial from our vet. The 48-hour waiting period after they faxed our application ended on a Friday night...and first thing Saturday morning, we had a rapidly declining Cleo at the vet with what turned out to be Parvo. She was hospitalized for five long days and nights of excellent veterinary care, and after submitting extra medical records (and a long postal strike), today we received our cheque totaling almost $1300. Cleo has made a fast and thorough recovery, so of course, we are very thankful, but are considering other insurance companies due to the disparate monthly rates. Petsecure and Purina Care are underwritten by the same company, but the monthly rates for their premium plans differ by over $20. Whatever company we choose, we were certainly glad to give Cleo a fighting chance without the stress of the mounting bills.

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Jack Russell Terrier

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Posted: 10/12/2011

May I ask what company you are purchasing your pet insurance from now? Thanks.