Ivan and Addie - Best Friends!

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We had a male cat name Ivan. He was about 22 lbs, gentle and generally ignored by 3 other female cats. As time passed, Ivan at 14 years, was our only cat. We did not have pet insurance at that time, and when Ivan developed diabetes we had huge bills. At about this same time, we adopted a lively, 3 month old female we named Addie Joy. We had our minds made up that we would enroll her in ASPCA Pet Insurance because we never know what the future will bring. Addie and Ivan were instant friends. He had waited so long for a friend and she loved him like an older brother. Addie kept Ivan active and he taught her not to bite or scratch. For three years they were inseparable; we marveled at the tenderness they exhibited for one another. When Ivan died, we observed an immediate change in Addie: she wasn't eating, was lethargic, cried and paced the house looking for Ivan. That was sad enough, but she was not responding to our attention or pleas to eat. We visited a vet who specializes in felines and were told about pet grief. We were grieving and so was Addie. We kept on inviting her to play and eat; in a few weeks she slowly came back to her playful and opinionated self. Without insurance, we might have ignored her symptoms, not had a check up or consultation on how cats handle loss and how to support recovery. We know that whatever happens in the future, we will do our best for her, as we had done for all our pets, but we have the assurance our budget will never cause us to think twi

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poor appetite and lethargy
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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