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As an employee of a veterinary clinic I knew when I rescued my Doberman, 2 years ago that they had a predisposition to a multitude of genetic problems, so pet insurance for my boy was a must. Four months ago my worst fears came true when he was diagnosed with dilatory cardiomyopathy (heart failure) at only 4 years old - even with my employee discounts I knew, as a recent college graduate living on a budget I could never have afforded the medications, ultrasounds, radiographs, and visits to specialists my boy needed without PetPlan. Sadly, his disease was a degenerative one & there was very little to do besides keep him comfortable - I wanted the very best treatment I could get him (he deserved only the best!)& pet insurance allowed me to give that. While I miss him terribly, I cannot express how much PetPlan insurance helped me through this difficult time.

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Heart Failure
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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