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I have had VPI insurance for my bulldog for his entire life, he turns 11 in a couple of months. Here's the deal. Could I have saved the premium on a monthly basis instead of paying it to VPI, so that now that he has cancer, I would have the funds to pay for his treatments? Of course, but knowing how difficult it is to save for my own wellbeing, I think it would have been highly unlikely. So when it comes to making decisions about my dog's health, I don't have to base it on available finances. Having VPI has been a godsend for me -- having had cancer twice myself, I've spent more time going back and forth with my own insurance company (Blue Shield/Blue Cross, by the way), then with VPI. They pay as they state and they pay on a timely basis. I am so glad I got the coverage that I did, it just makes this time of life with me and my dog much less stressful.

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Over 8 years

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