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My 7 month old kitten developed cystine crystals when he around 5 months old.This is caused by a birth defect in his kidney. Mattie had to be catheterized many times to remove these rare crystals.He has been on so much medication to help him with this and control his pain. To see my baby on the floor with his back legs stretched out behind him and his front leg straight out in front while his little body went in spasms, broke my heart. A few days ago he had another episode of a urinary blockage. His doctors managed to pass a catheter and release the crystals but a few hours later he block up again. This time they could not pass a catheter through. Things were not looking good for my baby. The last resort was to air lift Mattie to P.E.I to Atlantic Veterinary Hospital. After many tests, Mattie went into surgery to have an opening created above his anus so he can pee without getting blocked. If I didn't have Pet Secure behind me, my baby would be dead. I could never afford the surgery that Mattie had to go through today. Mattie will remain in intensive care for three weeks and hopefully will be coming home to Newfoundland after that. I know the surgeons hands did the miraculous work on saving Mattie, but none of this would have been possible without Pet Secure. You may have insurance and never use it...but you could fall in to a situation like ours and then what? I would highly recommend Pet Secure to every one who has a pet. When I called Pet Secure the staff at were genuinely

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Renal (kidney)

Cystine crystals
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Over $1000

Domestic Longhair

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Under a year

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Posted: 01/30/2012

I have had the exact same problem with them and cancelled my policy this morning, calling them on their bull-crap. I have a 2 year old pug who is in *perfect* health, but I know that pugs develop conditions as they age, and wanted to make sure he had coverage young. I just adopted him so his veterinary records are scarce.
I forwarded them what I had (which was from a year ago) and it said he had a "retained upper canine that was very loose", and so when I received my certificate of insurance (a month after enrolling - thanks for the priority guys) the exclusion read "All dental problems and associated conditions." I asked if I could have it reviewed, and was told to take him to the vet.

I did, and they told me he had perfect dental health, his records stating there was nothing wrong with him. I mentioned my own concern over an area of irritation on his skin from the clothing he was wearing when I got him, and the vet told me it wasn't anything to worry about, but gave me cream to speed up hair re-growth and be sure there were no bacterial infections.

I re-submitted my request for an exclusion review, and a week and a half later received my review, in which I was told he is now excluded for "all skin problems and related conditions."

I read to them over the phone the veterinary records, which state that it is nothing but an irritation from too tight clothing, and was told that I can request a review at the end of July in 2012.

I'm sure by that time he'll have broken a nail and I'll be told there's an exclusion in place for any issues with his paws, or legs.