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Overall we are very pleased with our dealings with Trupanion Vet Insurance Co. Our Veterinian has most supportive. Our Maggie Mae developed lameness of the front left leg and we saw her Vet and started investigation and treatment. I was disappointed that the Veterinary visits were not covered, because, to my opinion, this was an emergency visit and further visits were required because of the lameness. Trupanion did not cover any of these Vet costs or the Chiropractic treatment. I can understand the exclusion of coverage for regular Vet visits, vaccines, and dentals, but we should receive financial compensation for the visits and all treatments recommended by our very qualified Veterinarian.After 2 months of frquent Vet visits, many Adequan injections, many Xrays and interpretation of these Xrays by Sight Hound Radiology, daily doses of Metacam, we are face with travelling to Vancouver for an Orthopedic Consult and perhaps a CAT SCAN or MRI. We live on Vancouver Island which means that Maggie (our) pet and us have to endure the time and expense of travelling on B.C. Ferries and through Vancouver to Burnaby to the Canada West Veternary Specialty Hospital. We definately will pursue all avenues to help Maggie. We have to find and answer to her problem and proceed with hopefully successful treatment. Maggie is only 5 and 1/2 years old. As her lameness continues and we are advised to retrict her activity, she has become slightly depressed because she loves her walks. We are deal

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