Very ill informed customer service

Out of 10

First phone call to determine they received the claims from the two medical providers. I followed up with both providers and they immediately re sent the claims. A second call to check on the status, they said it would be processed immediately nothing else was needed. I called a third time to check on the progress and was told that they needed 12 months of medical records from my vet. I was annoyed bur called my vet and they were sent the same day. There were two providers, I received one check and they took what they considered standard cost and then only 80% of that. Which resulted in only a 67.95% of the actual bill. I called a fourth time and was told the claim in the claims department and would be processed. Claims does not work on weekends. Why both claims were not processed together is incomprehensible as the illness was tied together. Each customer service person I spoke with appeared to be less competent than the person before. If ASPCA is one of the best, we are in trouble.

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Mice poison
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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