2nd Time's the Charm

Out of 10

Though I've had good coverage with another pet insurance company, at the urging of my vet, I recently switched to Pets Best. As fate would have it, my youngest, healthiest little girl was rushed to the emergency room on death's doorstep just 3 weeks later with a blood disorder and Endocarditis. Thanks to the excellent works of CSU Vet Hospital she pulled through. But because my claim was so close to the start date of the policy, Pets Best denied my initial claim. I pulled together the paperwork they requested, and explained to them that I've always carried insurance on my dogs in my appeal. It is with pleasure, and relief, that they realized I was submitting a legitimate claim and approved it right away.
I give Pets Best an 8 for good online forms and phone reps, and paying on the claim. They lost a couple of points on the appeal hassle, but they made good and I appreciated the opportunity to explain my side of the issue.
I hope to never have to put in a claim again, but I will be maintaining my Pets Best Insurance because it's a really good idea. And maybe if there is a next time, they'll get a full 10! ;-)

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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