Terrible policy

Out of 10

I had to take my cat in for various issues over 3 months. Constipation ,fever and general lethargy. She had xrays,antibiotic shots, an enema and a few blood tests.Eventually they had tp put her down because her fever would not break and she had 0 white blood cells and could not fight infection I am still devastated. She was 9 years old and never had any issues before. I had thought VPI was a good plan before I really needed to use it. I live in NYC where Vet bills can be very high. She was on the Superior Plan, I spent over $3600 and got back less than $800. I called VPI up to see why the reimbursements were so low and they said I had reached my caps on the incidents. They really do not cover very much. I would never use them again

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Domestic Shorthair

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